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Organization Chart for Puli Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital (opne a new window) First,the branch president of a set of people, one vice president.
Second,the branch-level staffing table setting unit: Three room six fourteen subjects; two units: Thirteen families.
  • a unit:
    • three: Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Nursing.
    • fourteen sections: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, radiology, anesthesiology, dentistry, ophthalmology, ENT, emergency medicine, pathology laboratory, rehabilitation science, traditional medicine, Pharmacy, nutrition.
    • Room VI: Medical Business room,community studio,Secretary,Personnel Office, the government plenum,Comptroller room,Occupational Safety and Health Office.
  • two units:
    • Internal Medicine Department: min general internal medicine, gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, cardiology, Department of Infectious Diseases, Chest medicine, family medicine and other eight branch offices.
    • Department of Surgery: min general surgery, neurosurgery, colorectal surgery, urology, orthopedics and other five branch offices.
Third,according to the task characteristics and operational requirements marshal law given command system:
  • medical unit (Task Group): Command Manpower Department of Medicine (with two units), Department of Surgery (including two Units) and each level administrative operations of the medical department.
  • Nursing Department: Nursing jurisdiction administrative group,subjects ward,community medicine group,dialysis room,operating room,emergency room,hospital outpatient unit,urban clinics,the supply group.
  • Medical Business room: under the jurisdiction of the medical group,pricing group, medical group, Soken group, teaching and research group,information group.
  • Secretary: under the jurisdiction of administrative groups,cashier group,send and receive group,medical engineering group,driving classes,works classes,working classes, classes wastewater treatment,waste handling classes.
  • Independent Group Unit: The infection control group.
  • independent organizational units:
    • The attached nursing home.
    • The attached home care.